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About This Project

Founded in 2005, IGY Marinas is a leading name in the luxury yacht marina industry. For 15 years, its team has maintained a roster of premium marinas across the world, serving an elite group of megayacht owners and charters on US, Caribbean, and European waters. Exceptional service defines the IGY brand, and its marinas have earned an industry-wide reputation for excellence in service and amenities.

Though they could deliver onshore, IGY looked to S U A L SOFT to revamp its online presence so that it matched the brand’s service-minded identity. The goal: drive slip reservations, boost awareness, and turn leads into loyal clientele.

The Challenge

With separate websites for each of its 17 marinas, IGY’s fragmented web presence was not meeting the high standards of an audience familiar with premium service experiences. To exceed the expectations of current customers and attract new clientele, the company needed to deliver an optimized web experience that united all parts of its brand while still offering premium looks and effortless usability.

The Approach

To kick off our engagement with IGY, the S U A L team developed a multi-tiered strategy to identify key audiences and set clear business and brand objectives. The information gleaned during this phase would inform the rest of the engagement and ultimately serve as the foundation for the new and revitalized

Defining UX Principles

Our team knew that consolidating 17 separate marina sites onto a single website would require a clear UX vision from the get-go

Creating a Premium Destination

With a premium service like this one, IGY had to look the part. S U A L oversaw a full-scale redesign of the IGY website, putting a greater emphasis on vibrant imagery, concise venues for content, and seamless transitions between information types.

Embracing New Content

Increasing the volume of slip reservations meant giving people more reasons to dock at an IGY marina. Our team developed a range of assets to tout the superior experience available at an IGY location, as well as showcase the beautiful locales each marina was set in. Rich visual content was married with detailed marina maps, recommended itineraries, and informative destination information, turning each location landing page into a sort of sensory vacation in its own right.